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Strategists who love Battleship. Move 1: customers & product!
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Product captain

Our product captains are product managers with a customer-first approach. They master every aspect of product management. From product lifecycle management to price-point strategies. They focus on customer enchantment, without forgetting to make money. Thanks to their strategic insight and their experience, they always run a tight ship.


Babette van den Berg

Porter Novelli

I really appreciate the personal click and the no cure, no pay approach. The follow-up is excellent and the peace of mind you get really is a relief: you will only see candidates who are suitable for the job. Thanks to secondment, we can easily find expertise without having to deal with complicated payroll-related issues.


Product Captains can be widely used in all moments of the customer journey.

A heart for the customer, a heart for their product. Attention to the bottom line. Eye on the budget. And on the cost to serve and cost to acquire. Marketing-minded with technical skills and a vision for production and logistics.


Product Captain functions

Are you a real Product Captain? The following functions may be right up your alley.


I've been working here for many years, and that's mainly because you get so much trust here. They make time for you and support you through thick and thin.


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