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Spring Professional

The business world has been turned upside down. Yesterday’s jobs will be redundant tomorrow. The jobs of the future do not exist yet, or not entirely. New ways of working. Digital first. Continuous learning. That’s what Human Resources 2.0. is all about. A lot has been written about it, and even more has been said. The Adecco Group wants to get things going because businesses and talents want to move forward. That’s why we are introducing Spring Professional. A new brand for the new way of working.



Spring Customer Engagement brings together talents and frontrunner companies around all aspects of the customer journey. Our credo 'For the customer journey and beyond' is no coincidence.



With Spring Young Professionals, we offer ambitious young professionals a unique work-learning programme that links intensive training to a job in selected partner companies. We help high potentials and dynamic companies to be future-proof.


Brand new but with a long history

Spring Customer Engagement is an Adecco Group brand. We are building further on XPE Customer Care, which has placed customer professionals at Microsoft, Orange and DPD over the past years. With XPE Customer Care, we have developed a tradition of targeted selection, permanent training and customer focus. Elements we're bringing to Spring Professional.


Customer Talk

At Spring, we like to get things done differently. Not because we are stubborn (well yes, maybe a bit), but mainly because our ambitions know no limits. Find out how our clients experience our collaboration.