Credit Collection Sheriff

Do you use live ammo for each payment file?
Become a Credit Collection Sheriff


Credit Collection Sheriff

These sheriffs like their doughnuts, but they like it even more when payment cases are correctly handled. Together with the customer, they look for a win-win solution. Also when it’s not a walk in the park. Thanks to their empathy, persuasiveness and technical knowledge, they effortlessly achieve the KPIs.



Credit Collection Sheriffs are particularly good at solving problems.

Driven problem solvers

  • Smart is the new sexy: our sheriffs are analytical and precise.
  • See solutions, not problems.
  • SAP, Excel, ERP…: check!
  • Bilingual NL – FR.


Credit Collection Sheriffs can be widely used in all moments of the customer journey.

Strict but fair

  • Motivated and flexible.
  • Team players that boost the others.
  • Empathetic and a heart for every customer.


Credit Collection Sheriff functions

Are you a real Credit Collection Sheriff? The following functions may be right up your alley.

arrow Credit & Collection Manager

arrow Finance Consultant

arrow Purchase Process Assistant

arrow Credit Analyst

arrow Claim Agent


Gregory Boël


Thanks to the collaboration with Spring, we are flexible, and we have a range of profiles that ensure the continuity of our business. We really work as partners: the consultants are flexible, think along with us, come up with solutions. They follow their people, coach them and draw up action plans. Recommended!


They are open to everything. Everything can be put on the table.


Is Credit Collection not your thing?

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