Spring Professional
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The new HR brand for the new economy


About Spring

The new economy is changing the way we work. Jobs that existed yesterday will be superfluous tomorrow. Tomorrow's jobs do not exist yet or will look completely different. New ways of working. Digital first. These will be the challenges of Human Resources 2.0.

Spring Professional is The Adecco Group's response to this business revolution. A new brand that's ready for the new economy. With our two divisions, Spring Customer Engagement and Spring Young Professionals, we help talents and frontrunner companies to make it in the 21st century.


Customer Engagement & Young Professionals

Spring Professional consists of two divisions tailored to what companies need today. With Spring Customer Engagement, we man every customer touchpoint, and with Spring Young Professionals we introduce Generation Z to the workplace.


Customer Engagement

All talents that are needed to create the perfect customer journey, from sales to marketing, from customer service to credit & collection, and more.


Young Professionals

Talents that are ready to digitally transform many companies. With the right skills, the right mindset and proper coaching thanks to our unique 24-month work-learning programme.


Learn more about our talents?

Are you looking for new talent for your business? Just give us a heads-up. We'll immediately start looking for the right people. But first things first: let's chat over a lovely cup of coffee!